Mallorca – a paradise in the Mediterranean

What have you got that I’ve not? so sang the German singer Katja Ebstein forty years ago, and that could be exactly what many tourism managers in other European destinations are thinking when they look at the successful history of Mallorca’s tourism.

The answer is relatively simple. Europe has many beautiful islands but none of them offer so many positive decision making criteria to consider as Mallorca: more than 300 days of sunshine yearly and overall a pleasant Mediterranean climate; extremely easy to reach, just a two to three-hour flight from all European airports; ideal infrastructure; high security standards; more than 500 km of coastline with pretty beaches and relaxing bays; numerous opportunities for sports and leisure activities, and not just for golfers, as well as a large array of culinary offers and cultural activities. For this reason, Mallorca scores points and receives up to 14 million visitors yearly.

You want to get to know Mallorca? You can do that on this page. Open the links and learn more about the history of the island, the countryside, the unique beaches, the many Ports and  top class golf courses, museums, monuments and the Fiestas.  Enjoy!