Minkner & Partner: The real estate company in Mallorca – an institution on the island

As a real estate agent in Mallorca, Minkner & Partner can be summed up referring to just a few numbers: Operative since 1984 in the Mallorcan real estate market, 4 offices (Santa Ponsa, Puerto Andratx, Palma)and more than 30 employees, offering over 1,200 properties. Figures are one thing however we would like to give you some additional information: the history of the company, its employees and the reason why you can trust us as a real estate agent when it comes to buying property on Mallorca.


Minkner & Partner’s business history begins in Berlin in 1984: Lawyer Lutz Minkner and his professional associates specializing in law, taxation and business consultancy founded the company “Minkner & Partner PROFI KONZEPT”. Together with his partners, Mr. Minkner developed professional business concepts for companies. This in turn led to the development of a commercial real estate business for these companies as well as private real estate for the entrepreneurs.  In 1993 Edith and Lutz Minkner moved to Mallorca, establishing and continuing there – subject to the Spanish law – the successful history of their company and limiting their task to acting as real estate consultants for properties on Mallorca.

During its more than 24 years on Mallorca, Minkner & Partner has built up an incomparable network of international lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, financial professionals, architects, contractors and all kind of experts involved in the world of real estate. With its main office located in Santa Ponsa and branch offices in Pto. Andratx, Palma and Llucmajor, Minkner & Partner is today the leading owner-managed real estate agent on Mallorca.

Marvin Bonitz, Lutz Minkner, Edith Minkner


Executive Management Team

The business is headed by Edith and Lutz Minkner together with Marvin Bonitz. A dream team with passion and a great deal of expertise: Edith Minkner has made a name for herself as an authority on the valuation of properties and looks after a discerning, international clientele.


Marvin Bonitz, Lutz Minkner, Edith Minkner

Lutz Minkner can point to a forty year  long career as a lawyer, author, lecturer and entrepreneur, and is an expert on Spanish and international real estate and tax law, having published numerous articles and specialist books. He is also a certified “experto inmobiliario” and a member of the German/Spanish legal association. Sales director, Marvin Bonitz, who was educated in Spain and internationally trained, is responsible for overseeing the sales in all of the Minkner offices.


The Team

Minkner & Partner has very individual employees. Each of one of them is passionate, multi-lingual, respectful, communicative, creative and innovative. This is in itself is already a good basis for success, but it is not everything.  As in every team initially there are personality clashes and competition between team members and therefore possible synergies can remain untapped. As diverse as the workspaces and talents of the team members are, the best result comes only when each team member is prepared and able to work and think across the board.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

(Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC)

A real estate agent’s work takes place not only in the individual branches of Minkner & Partner, but also depends on cooperation between the branch offices and the head office. This signifies that not only is the individual performance of team members important but ” the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Most of our employees have been working in our company for many years. We are proud of our employees and are pleased that our employees are proud to be part of the success of Minkner & Partner.



Work as a sales agent with Minkner & Partner on Mallorca

Would you like to form part of the Minkner team? Are you hungry for success? As we are presently expanding we are looking for additional sales agents.
Your profile:

  • Proven sales experience and success in the real estate sector on Mallorca
  • High level of spoken German, English and Spanish
  • Knowledge of the real estate market
  • Reliable and enthusiastic
  • Team orientated

We offer:

  • Excellent performance-based earnings opportunities (fixed salary + commission)
  • Professional sales structure & training
  • Highly motivated, dynamic team of experts
  • Excellent customer network
  • Reliable company with great experience

Please apply online. All applications will be treated as confidential!



Our philosophy as a real estate company

Minkner & Partner – Mallorca real estate is a Spanish company with German owners. However for these two entrepreneurs Spain and Mallorca is not a host country, for Edith and Lutz Minkner it is their home. They were made to feel welcome and quickly made Spanish and international friends. They are renowned as real estate brokers and respected by their Spanish partners. The international and bilateral context makes it important to pay particular attention to the formation and further development of the company’s philosophy and culture.

Based on this, Edith and Lutz Minkner, as owners and hands-on managers of the company, have developed their business philosophy. They have shaped the basic principles in relation to their customers (prospective owners and owners), members of the network (notaries, lawyers, tax consultants, financial professionals and craftsmen and service providers), competitors and the company; part of which is Minkner & Partner – Mallorca real estate, and their employees. The main principles are:

  • respect
  • sense of responsibility
  • reliability
  • integrity
  • sustainability
  • team spirit
  • innovation

These values are the basis for responsible behaviour. At the same time they are a guideline for their employees, based on which they identify with the company and its goals. This is a team you can build upon. If you want to buy or rent property on Mallorca you can be sure that you have made the right choice.


What makes Minkner & Partner so special?

Hundreds of brokers offer their services to Mallorca’s international clients. Unfortunately, many of them do not meet the internationally required minimum standards of training and market knowledge. This also explains why many young brokerage firms disappear just as quickly from the market as they have appeared. If you want to buy or rent a property on Mallorca, please read here why Minkner & Partner should be your number one choice when looking for a real estate agent on Mallorca.

  • Hundreds of brokers offer their services to Mallorca’s international clients. Unfortunately, many of them do not meet the internationally required minimum standards of training and market knowledge. This also explains why many young brokerage firms disappear just as quickly from the market as they have appeared. If you want to buy or rent a property on Mallorca, please read here why Minkner & Partner should be your number one choice when looking for a real estate agent on Mallorca.
  • Minkner & Partner is an owner managed company: Unlike real estate franchise companies the owners, Edith and Lutz Minkner, keep their eye on day to day business. They are assisted by longstanding members of staff who make up the management team, each and every one of them is involved in bringing the contract to its conclusion and is on hand to assist if problems arise and do their utmost to find a solution.
  • Minkner & Partner a team of experts who know everything about real estate on Mallorca: Competence cannot be bought. It is the result of training, studies, and many years of professional experience plus a detailed knowledge of the market. Edith Minkner is a property manager and also an expert on evaluating properties. Lutz Minkner has a knowledge of Spanish and international real estate law, which is based on a 40-year career as a lawyer, lecturer, specialist author and entrepreneur, bringing together theory and practice. Finally the company’s 40 employees, some of whom have worked for many years at Minkner & Partner, boast excellent knowledge of the market and are constantly being trained by company management.
  • Minkner & Partner has an extensive real estate portfolio: Due to its status and reputation, Minkner & Partner is always one of the first names that owners seek out when looking to buy property. It therefore follows that Minkner & Partner offer an impressive portfolio of properties in the regions in which they work. This saves the prospective buyer a great deal of time, as Minkner & Partner can provide (almost) everything that is available on the market, therefore the person searching need not use numerous brokers. If you are unable to find your desired property on our website, www.minkner.com then let our sales agents know your wishes and dreams. We have a vast ‘treasure chest’ of properties, some of which are not available on the internet website for reasons of discretion. Perhaps your ideal home is amongst them. We will gladly help you find your property based on your special requirements, a property  ‘ made to measure’.
  • Minkner & Partner offers a thorough after-sales service: For many brokers business is over as soon as the contract is signed and the cheque received. The often laborious after-sales service is sometimes refused or given to third parties for an additional fee. Minkner & Partner offer a complete after-sales service that is supported by the structure of its employees. For every salesperson there are two administrative members of staff in the office – a structure that no other real estate agent on Mallorca offers. Whoever buys/sells with Minkner and Partner receives an all-inclusive package.




The regions in which Minkner & Partner offers real estate on Mallorca

With its head office in Santa Ponsa and branch offices in Pto. Andratx, and Palma and the work areas corresponding to these offices, Minkner & Partner cover the most important areas in the real estate market on the island, namely the southwest, south, southeast and centre of the island.

Head Office Santa Ponsa: Minkner & Partners’ head office has been established for 20 years in Santa Ponsa on the Avda. Rey Jaime I 109. Not only is it the main office but it is also responsible for sales of real estate in the southwest of Mallorca from Costa de la Calma to Bendinat
If you are looking for property in Mallorca whether it be to buy or rent, particularly in the areas of Costa de la Calma, Santa Ponsa, El Toro/Port Adriano, Calvia-Dorf, Sol de Mallorca, Cala Vinyes, Palmanova, Magaluf, Illetas, Portals Nous/Puerto Portals, Bendinat, Cas Catala,  then please contact our Santa Ponsa office. Minkner and Partner is the right agent for you.

Avenida Rey Jaime I, 109
E – 07180 Santa Ponsa
Fon: +34 – 971 695 255
Fax: +34 – 971 695 695

Branch Office Palma: The area of work of our Palma office is mainly the old town, which includes the trendy districts of Calatrava – Dalt Murada, La Lonja, Santa Catalina, the Borne – Jaime III – San Nicolas and Palma’s promenade, the Paseo Maritimo. The office also covers Palma’s southern coastal strip with the former fishing villages, which were previously day trips for the people of Palma and are today very popular residential areas, such as Portixol, El Molinar and Ciudad Jardin. Palma also takes care of the western suburbs of Genova, San Agustin and Cala Major as well as Bonanova and the prestigious residential area of Son Vida which is just north of the city.

If you want to buy or rent properties in Palma’s old town, the Paseo Maritimo, Portixol, El Molinar and Ciudad Jardin or in the suburbs of Genova, San Agustin, Cala Major and Bonanova or Son Vida, then Minkner & Partner’s experts in the Palma office – directly opposite the Parliament building – can offer  help and advice.

Carrer del Conquistador, 4
E – 07001 Palma
Fon: +34 971 425 016
Fax: +34 971 710 728

Branch Office Puerto Andratx: Minkner & Partner’s Pto. Andatx branch office is responsible for the sale of real estate from San Telmo to Paguera.
If you want to buy or rent property in Mallorca, especially in the towns of San Telmo, S`Arraco, Andratx, Pto. Andratx, Camp de Mar and Paguera then you are in the best hands when you call our Pto. Andratx office.

Avenida Mateo Bosch, 8
E – 07157 Pto. Andratx
Fon: +34 – 971 671 250
Fax: +34 – 971 671 830





Social and cultural engagements

Minkner & Partner is also committed to aiding those who have troubles in their lives particularly abused or sick children. There are many individual stories that are not shown in detail here for obvious reasons. A nonprofit organization that Minkner & Partner has supported for many years can be mentioned here because of its noteworthy work: ASPANOB – a self-help organization for parents of children with cancer. It is an organization that Minkner & Partner likes to help where possible. On his 60th birthday Lutz Minkner decided that, instead of receiving gifts from his numerous guests, a considerable donation would be made to ASPANOB. Each year a charity golf tournament \ “Golf con Corazon – Golfing with Heart“ takes place on Mallorca, and increasingly large sums of money are raised for ASPANOB – Minkner & Partner is a sponsor of this event. In their social projects, Edith and Lutz Minkner are also always trying to draw attention to the social problems of others and to encourage them to cope with these problems.

Minkner Art Gallery: In 1997 Edith and Lutz Minkner founded the “Galeria de Arte Minkner” as an integral part of the overall company. Reputable gallery work is, for the Minkners, not only a passion but is based on decades of experience. From the seventies to the mid-eighties and in addition to his law office, Lutz Minkner also ran the renowned Pheasant Street Gallery, where he introduced and promoted, among others, the ‘young savages’. Among the s artists represented at that time are such well-known names as Fred Thieler, Walter Stöhrer, Salome und Elvira Bach. In 1997 the Minkners took over the large glass pavilion in Santa Ponsa Avenida Rey Jaime I, which provided the perfect ambience to tie in with the art gallery in Germany. In the past 20 years over 200 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions have taken place here and in other areas. In addition to the artistic occasion, the well-attended vernissages always provide an opportunity to meet new people, share experiences and engage in lively discussions.

The Minkner Art Gallery does not limit itself to one kind of art but rather represents an array of artistic work. With this in mind the Minkners have opened up their gallery to include work from those artists who represent the Mediterranean lifestyle though subjects and colour, and also to those whose work represent and characterize periods of time. To follow are just some of the artists who have exhibited in the Minkner Gallery: Dagmar Adamski , Diego Arango Arango, Elvira Bach, Manel Casa Ella, Jörg Döring, Antonio Falco, Wilhelm Fikisz, Elena Gatti, Herman, Herbert Hundrich, Iti Janz, John , Alfred Lichter, Gabriele Lockstädt, Heinz Morzoeck, David Templeton, Peter Thoms, Dimitri Vojnow, Jürgen Wölke and David Zisman.

Circle of friends of the Balearic Symphonic Orchestra: Music is another passion of Edith and Lutz Minkner. For many years they were sponsors of the international Music Festival on Mallorca, MUSICA MALLORCA. The Minkners also helped to bring the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra to Mallorca to give a concert and during the last few years they have been involved in “Circle of friends of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra” of which Lutz Minkner is the Vice-President. During the economic crisis the city of Palma was named as “European capital of culture” but at the same time the musicians feared for their jobs and the possible dissolution of the orchestra was discussed. At this point the “the circle of friends” led by the energetic Austrian Josef Eggers who is a patron of all things cultural and a friend of the Minkners , along with other interested music lovers, initiated a plan to save the orchestra and to put it in a solid financial position. In spring of 2016, the Balearic Symphony Orchestra performed in the Vienna Music Hall accompanied by Juan Diego Florez to great acclaim, an event that was funded largely by the friends of the Symphony Orchestra.

Edith and Lutz Minkner have also taken up the cause of promoting young musicians. Early on they supported the young Mallorcan “wonder violinist” Francisco Garcia Fullana and were able to convince a Swiss cultural foundation to take an interest in him, which then took over the cost of training at the Conservatory in Madrid and in the United States. Francisco, who now lives in New York, but always comes to concerts on Mallorca and has become an internationally sought-after soloist.



Contact Minkner

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