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Minkner & Partner is the largest owner-managed real estate company in the Balearic Islands and has been active in the international real estate business since 1984 and exclusively on Mallorca for more than 24 years. In short, we know what we are talking about. We are the first choice when it comes to selling a property on Mallorca.

Different from the rest

How will Minkner & Partner market your property?

  1. After visiting your property, we will determine its current market value and reveal the criteria essential to the calculation of the value (link to the contribution about the calculation of the value).
  2. If we feel it necessary, we will suggest ideas to optimise your property and thus help to increase its market value.
  3. If doubts arise as to the legality of your property, we are able to recommend experts from our network of professionals who can help you to legalise the property at a later date or inscribe a possible right of continuance of the existing inventory into the land register.
  4. We will develop an individual marketing strategy
  5. We will market your property in various ways (creation of an exposé, place it on our website, publication in print media, target specific customers, etc.)
  6. We will also advise prospective buyers (whose search profile fits your property) and arrange visits to your property with our agents.
  7. Moderate and preside over the price negotiation, prepare an option contract, arrange and prepare all documents for the notary appointment
  8. Accompany the client to the notary appointment, monitor the flow of payments and contract management.
  9. Reliable after-sales service

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Sale of Property?

We are often asked why many relators offer the same property here on Mallorca, when in Germany only one agency is allowed to sell the property in question. Simple answer:”Other countries, other customs”. In the USA one knows e.g. the Immo-Pool: The owners, are mostly represented by real estate agents who had originally put the property on the market. The property is then given to the real estate pool to which all connected brokers have access.  The real estate agent then visits the property with their customer and the realtor who has the property for sale. When there is a sale, a commission sharing between the participating brokers takes place. In Germany, there is both the sole contract and the multiple broker contract. In Spain the exclusive contract is (still) the exception. In itself incomprehensible, because the exclusive contract already offers some advantages: Since the broker can be sure that his investments for the marketing of the property will bring him – and only him – the commission in the event of a sale, he will use all his power and all possible marketing measures to achieve a successful sale.

The sole broker has a close relationship of trust with the client and thus closer communication. If several brokers are commissioned, this is often counterproductive: everyone offers the property everywhere, so that interested parties get the impression that the “property is a slow seller and is offered for sale like flat beer”. Often, multiple brokers quote different prices for one and the same project, which makes prospective buyers feel considerably insecure. In the end, the owner loses track of who viewed his property, with whom and when. Finally, commission disputes occasionally arise between the several brokers involved. By the way: In the case of a simple exclusive contract, the owner can still freely dispose of his property and sell it to interested parties who have approached him themselves. Unless one has concluded a “qualified exclusive contract”. In this case, the broker is also entitled to the commission for the owner’s own customers.

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