The real estate treasure chest of Minkner & Partner

A pearl of wisdom quoted by real estate and investment advisers is ‘money is a shy deer’. Discretion associated with real estate on Mallorca has always been a matter of course for Minkner & Partner.

“Open House” with visiting almost every day, but even we can not convey this property …

The reasons why a buyer desires discretion regarding the purchase of his Mallorca property are many: The businessman looking to buy property does not want to do so surrounded by publicity for a good reason, so that in the next pay round he does not have to justify himself. For those who are in the public eye, Mallorca is a retreat for rest and recuperation, where they don’t want to be recognised, nor photographed, nor asked for autographs. Leave that to the B – Z celebrities.

However, there are also many owners who want to sell their property who also require discretion. They too have many reasons: the owner of an emblematic monastery that the town hall would like to acquire but maybe won’t or can’t afford to buy it. In this case discreet negotiations can avoid months of long discussions. The hotelier who wants to sell the hotel but does not want the hotel staff or guests to be aware of the plan so as not to unsettle them. And lastly the noble family who must sell their old town palatial building or manor house and want to avoid the neighbours speculating about their financial situation.

Due to their 25 years of operating on Mallorca, Minkner & Partner has access to many families who require discreet marketing of their Mallorca real estate. Such real estate we have in our “real estate treasure chest”. As a rule, we can only show them if, after a one to one discussion with the client, we have established a serious interest and have a proof of credit. If you are looking for exceptional properties on Mallorca that you are unable to find on our website then get in touch to let us know exactly what you require.

Our staff will then contact you directly with any suitable properties that we have in our “real estate treasure chest”.