Minkner & Partner`s real estate guide

Your competent partner when it comes to real estate on Mallorca

Whether you want to buy a plot of land on Mallorca to build your own dream house, or if you want to buy a brand new or an already existing older property, a villa directly on the sea, or on the golf course, or a super chic apartment in Palma’s old town, there are always many questions, many of which stem from the law & taxes:

Even if the Spanish and German law have the same roots, there are still significant differences, which are not known to those who buy a property in Mallorca for the first time. We have therefore written some articles on the most important topics and summarised them in the adjacent catalogue in an easily understandable form.

After browsing through this catalogue, many things will no longer “seem Spanish” to you, and you can relax and get back to the search for your dream property.

For more complex questions related to the purchase of Mallorcan real estate , e.g. estate planning for the inheritance in the home country and also inheritance for the Mallorcan property, or for the incorporation of a property in a domestic or foreign business, or tax questions with bi- or multilateral reference, you should always seek the advice of an experienced lawyer or tax advisor. Minkner & Partner has in its network of experts, some highly competent lawyers and tax advisors, who are specialized in advising clients on these issues. Due to our long-standing, sometimes decades-long cooperation with these experts, we can highly recommend them.