Edith Minkner presents you a gastronomic tour in the southwest of Mallorca

Edith MinknerIt’s hard to believe: there are said to be almost 5,000 gastronomic establishments (Restaurants, Cafés and Bars) on Mallorca. This is a gastronomic establishment for every 200 people. Considering that up to 14 million tourists visit our beautiful island every year, one believes that most of the restaurants do not have to complain about their popularity. There is a variety of speciality being offered: firstly, there is the local cuisine, most of the times hearty and fatty! Especially popular, are stews and casseroles with lamb, pork, rabbit and vegetables.

Some chefs have refined this Mallorcan cuisine and brought it to a top level even for international gourmets. There is also Mediterranean cuisine with fish, meat and tapas. Restaurants specialising in dishes from Japan, Thailand, the Arab countries and South and Central America are also very popular. In no order of preference, I will introduce you to some of my favourite restaurants on the island.





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