Station 3: Port Andratx – The Pearl of the Mediterranean

Anyone who has bought an apartment or villa in Port Andratx lives in the most beautiful natural harbour in the Mediterranean. I love it when I come out of our office on the harbour promenade, and can watch how the fishermen come home with their catch, spread out and repair their nets and the haggling of the traders at the fish market begins. There are also the varied terrace restaurants inviting you to eat and drink during the warm summer nights. To the right and left of the promenade, in the side streets, numerous good restaurants invite you to enjoy the evening with family and friends, with Mediterranean delicacies and a good glass of wine. Here are some of my favourite restaurants in Port Andratx.

CAN PEP | Restaurant | Tel. +34 971 67 16 48

Avd. Mateo Bosch, 30 | 07157 Port Andratx

The terrace restaurant Can Pep is located along the popular harbour promenade, separated from the harbour bay by a narrow footpath. Not only restaurateurs dream of this location, but also tourists and locals, who enjoy the Mediterranean life and a good Mediterranean cuisine. Not only during the day for lunch or a drink, but especially during the warm summer nights. Can Pep has been around since 1962, but has always been reinvented, both in its attractive ambience, as well as with the food and drinks it offers. It attracts and invites with tapas, paellas and salads as well as with meat and fish dishes. Recommended “Bulllit de Peix Ibencic amb Arroz a Banda” – a rice dish with freshly caught fish, Chateaubriand on a hot stone, and shoulder of suckling lamb from the oven, all accompanied by a good selection of Mediterranean wines. A well-trained team implements the restaurant’s motto “Mediterranean culture is our inspiration” in the best possible way.


CLUB DE VELA | Restaurant | Tel. +34 971 76 50 96

Avd. de Gabriel Roca i Garcías, 27 | 07157 Port Andratx

Giuliano di Matteo, head of the Restaurant Club de Vela, is the number one among the gastronomes of Port Andratx, as he runs a total of 5 restaurants along the Port, including the “Miramar de Giuliano”. Last year, he took over the restaurant Club de Vela, located in a modern glass pavilion with large windows, which opens onto the harbour and the yachts, thus creating a delightful and unique flair. The restaurant Club de Vela offers the finest that the sea has to offer – from fillet of sea bass to grilled lobster, as well as meat specialities, of which the suckling pig is particularly noteworthy. The wine list offers a solid selection with a focus on Mallorca and Spain, but also good wines from Italy and France. Giuliano’s motto: good service, guest satisfaction, high quality regional cuisine with a touch of respectful innovation. He is well on his way to meet this demand.

URBANO | Restaurant |  Tel. +34 971 67 17 03

Plaza Patrons Cristino, 4 | 07157 Port Andratx

Jens Krumbiegel has already managed to attract a regular clientele with the restaurants he used to run in Camp de Mar, and subsequently in El Patio on the road between Andratx and the Port de Andratx, and now also in Urbano. Guests swear by his varied range of Mediterranean cuisine, hearty German dishes, and other dishes with the taste and feeling of Asia. The” Tapas meter” for two people is particularly popular: Tapas, lovingly arranged on small skewers or plates and bowls, which always create surprises on the tongue and palate. The meat and fish dishes offered as main courses, are also elaborately and sophisticatedly prepared and suitable to satisfy even the most discerning guest. The wine list offers predominantly Spanish wines from excellent Bodegas. The terrace in front of the restaurant also invites you to enjoy lovely evenings during summer as well as autumn.


TRESPAIS | Restaurant | Tel. +34 971 67 28 14

C. d’Antoni Calafat Toni Pino, 24 | 07157 Port Andratx

The Trespais is located slightly to the north of the harbour, but the appealing ambience, great hospitality and varied cuisine on a high level, make up for this small disadvantage, which is proven by the high attendance of mainly German speaking guests! The owners Jenny Terler and Domenica Curcio have ensured since 2011, that Trespais is no longer an” insider” tip. Jenny has her roots in Austria, which is reflected in the menu with her famous Wiener Schnitzel. The culinary journey continues through Italy and Spain and also touches the Asian region. Juicy fillet steaks, the finest Mediterranean fish, Asian creations as well as wonderful desserts, not only spoil the palate, but also the presentation of the dishes is also a great anticipation. The wine list offers an exquisite selection. A saying of Virginia Woolfe is on the Menu: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”.