Lutz Minkner introduces you to six historic monasteries on Mallorca

You probably didn’t know that yet? Mallorca is also known in literature as the “monastery island”. It is said that nowhere else in Europe are there so many monasteries in such a small area as on Mallorca. There are said to be about 200 monasteries on Mallorca, of which about 70 are open to the public. On church holidays, some of Mallorca’s monasteries are the destination of processions. Many of the monasteries are still active, others abandoned and now serve as simple hostels or small country hotels and serve both as places of meditative relaxation or for recreational and wellness purposes.

Many people know the former monastery in the heart of Palma, “Convent de la Missió”, where you can not only spend the night excellently, but also enjoy the culinary delights of star chef Marc Fosh. Join me on a short journey to six selected monasteries on Mallorca.



La Misericordia, Palma
Santuario de Sant Salvador, Artá
Monasterio de Sant Bonaventura, Llucmajor
Monasterio de Santo Domingo, Pollenca
Santuario de Sant Salvador, Felanitx
Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu, Inca