The monasteries of Mallorca – Monasterio de Santo Domingo, Pollença

Use as a monastery from 1558 – 1836

The Monasterio de Santa Domingo was built by Dominican monks in 1558 and used as a monastery until 1836. After that it served various secular purposes until it finally found its new purpose as a museum. The church has a basilica with ten side chapels with altarpieces and a choir above the entrance. The altarpieces date from the 17th century. The monastery area is characterised by a Baroque cloister. The famous Pollença Music Festival is held here every year.

Today a museum

Today the Monasterio serves as a museum and venue for events. The museum is divided into five areas. In the entrance area there is a library whose books mainly deal with the artists whose works are exhibited in the museum. There are also religious cult objects from the Mallorcan dancers “Es Cavallets”. On the upper floor, works by award-winning artists are exhibited, including Pere Quetglas, Dionis Bennassar, Casimir Martinez Tarrassó and Gust Grass. The museum also has a collection of Gothic art, particularly Mallorcan Gothic art, including works by Francesc Comes and Gabriel Moger. Wooden sculptures and embroideries also date from this period.