The monasteries of Mallorca – Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu, Inca

Authentic Mallorcan architecture

The Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu is located in the centre of Inca. It is described in the literature as an outstanding example of authentic Mallorcan architecture. The monastery impresses with its 17th century cloister. The church also dates from this period, although the monastery is said to have been founded by Hieronymite nuns in 1534. The monastery church can be reached through two entrances from the courtyard.

Pictures of father and son López from the 16th century

The Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu attracts art connoisseurs from all over the world, as its museum houses an impressive collection by the artist dynasty Father and Son López, Mallorca’s most important 16th-century painters. Others come to Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu not for the 16th-century art, but for the pastries produced by the nuns there, called “congret”, which are a very popular travel souvenir.