The monasteries of Mallorca – Monasterio de Sant Bonaventura, Llucmajor

The foundation by Franciscans in the 16th century

The Monasterio de Sant Bonaventura in the centre of Llucmajor in Calle Convento has a chequered history to tell. It was founded in 1608 by Franciscan monks from Llucmajor. The expansion of the ensemble (church, cloister, outbuildings and farm buildings, vegetable garden) took place in the 17th century and ended with the consecration in 1691. A few years later, the rooms of the monastery (dining hall, monastery cells, kitchen, workshops, library) were expanded and used around the cloister. In 1835, the Franciscans abandoned the monastery.

Use by the Guardia Civil, as a court of peace and as a slaughterhouse

Since then, and until 1998, the monastery served the Guardia Civil, was a court of peace and finally a slaughterhouse. Not a very dignified history for a Franciscan monastery! During the time it was used for secular purposes, the building ensemble had been badly disfigured architecturally due to its new use. Since 1999, the restoration of the original image has been planned and implemented. Since 2002, the Monasterio has been registered as a cultural asset. During the restoration work, old wall paintings were discovered under several layers of paint and restored. These murals depict the history of the Franciscan Order. The baroque cloister has a quadrangular floor plan with a double gallery.