Mallorca is a paradise for hikers

Astrid Prinzessin zu Stolberg„Astrid Princess zu Stolberg “It was one of those beautiful spring days on Mallorca, I had woken up early to go for a walk in the mountains. It was sunrise and in the distance the sea sparkled and there was a light mist in the valley. The mild wind brought that indescribable scent that only exists here on Mallorca, the scent of the island’s herbs, which bloom on the slopes of the Tramuntana mountains.“

Astrid Prinzessin zu Stolberg Astrid Princess zu Stolberg is Mallorca’s most prominent hiking guide. She has lived on the island for over 25 years and knows the Tramuntana mountains like the back of her hand. Now she tells us about 6 of her favourite hiking tours from easy to medium and difficult.

If you go on your own then, make sure you have sturdy shoes and enough water. Or maybe make an appointment with Astrid zu Stolberg. If you decide to go with her, then you will be going in a small group which will have been planned especially for you. For further information on the website: