From the Cuber reservoir to the Barranc de Biniaraix

As the hike that I describe here is really long and exhausting, I recommend to either walk only part of it, thus from Biniaraix to Coll de L’Ofre and back, or you take the following recommendation:
You park your car in Soller, there are public parking spaces for a daily fee where you can park your car safely. Then take a taxi (there is a taxi stand near the train station of Soller) to the Cuber reservoir in the Tramuntana mountains. I recommend not to park there under any circumstances, because here the cars are broken into every day. I will also describe the way back to Soller.
The way back to Soller is exhausting enough, because we walk about 100 meters uphill and then about 850 meters downhill. It is especially exhausting for the joints, because a big part of the way downhill takes place on stone steps. The experience of this tour is a very special one.
So, we get out of the taxi at the Cuber reservoir at a height of 750 meters. The reservoir belongs to the drinking water depot of the island and therefore it is also understandable that we are not allowed to bathe in it. Paddling is also not permitted. We have to go to the other end of the lake; it doesn’t matter if you go right or left. If you take the path on the left, you will pass over the dam and you can have a look down into the valley of the Torrent de Almadra. We could go there as well, but this is a different tour.

At the end of the lake the path climbs slightly. In front of us we already see our first stage destination, the Coll de L’Ofre, to the left of which is the approx. 1100 m high L’Ofre. A summit with a fantastic panoramic view. I only recommend a side trip to this summit if you are really fit. You have to climb an additional 250 meters up and down again.
Then we continue comfortably up to the Coll de L’Ofre, always following the signs, this is where we have our first rest and where at the same time you can enjoy the beautiful views overlooking the lake and the surrounding mountain range which goes up to 1450 metres.

You might be lucky enough to see some of the giant black vultures circling, whose wing span is up to 2.80 metres. This is their territory and apart from their size they can be recognized by the fact that they always travel in pairs and glide in unison without any noise, no sound of wings beating at all.

Now, we have to continue our route downhill to Soller, the route is well signposted, you just always follow the signs indicating you to Biniaraix, an area of Soller, located at the exit of the Barranc. Barranc de Biniaraix, this is the name of the gorge which is more than 1000 meters high and goes down to the valley of Soller. Before you will pass the Finca de L’Ofre, a small very fertile plateau, which is green in summer months. This is probably due to the fact that it is oriented to the north and that it rains particularly intensively there in winter. Once we have left the Finca and closed the gate behind us, the actual descent through the Barranc begins.

The canyon looks so steep that one can hardly imagine how to get down there. But this is easier than one thinks, as we walk one of the old stone paths in which there is also a step built in every now and then. The path leads down in the middle of olive tree terraces and also has very nice and tasty olives due to the location of the valley. At the right time of the year the sun shines here the whole afternoon and the partly ochre coloured rocks have a beautiful gold shimmer.

Take your time and enjoy the ambiance as my guests say, once you arrive in Biniaraix you will be happy, satisfied and even a little tired. There is a tiny village square where you should definitely sit down for a coffee or refreshment before continuing on to Soller. The way to Soller is easy, you always go straight ahead, even if signs say otherwise. This way you come directly to the beautiful pedestrian area Calle Luna, which ends at the main square in front of the church and the town hall. Here, you can buy an orange ice cream which is highly recommended. Afterwards when you get home, the only thing you want to do is put your feet up and rest!


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