Ermita Santa Magdalena

The Ermita Santa Magdalena is more a destination for an excursion than a hike. If you like, you can still take an impressive walk up there. This old monastery is largely unknown among tourists and residents.

We reach the monastery by taking exit 30 on the Inca motorway. From there the monastery is signposted. You can also park at the foot of the only 250-meter-high mountain and walk up the driveway, you will hardly encounter a car during the week. Or you can drive to the top, park your car and walk down a few metres on the stairs to leave the road at a picnic area. From there a trail leads along the ridge and ends at a very special place.

Only about 1 km from the monastery is one of my favourite places, ideal for a picnic with a beautiful view.

However, if you are not good on foot, then the excursion to the monastery is worthwhile just because of the panoramic view over the island.

At the Monastery there is a restaurant with a nice terrace, in addition to the picnic area. Here the views are from the Monastery Magdalena to the peninsula Victoria, another one of the hikes I have described:

As it is the case for all tours in Mallorca, I recommend not to go at the week-ends. While during the week it is very empty here, the island inhabitants like to go to such excursion areas at the week-ends, when they do not have to work, and therefore it will be hard to find a parking space and without a reservation, a place in the restaurant.

During the week this is no problem.






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