Egon Wellenbrink presents: Mercat de l`Olivar | Palma

Palmas largest market hall located in the heart of the city centre is the Mercat de l`Olivar. It was opened in 1951 and in 2003 it was completely modernised and adapted to the current needs of traders and customers. The market hall has two floors: on the ground floor there is a huge section where fresh fish from the Mediterranean is sold. Besides domestic fish, there are also imported goods of the best quality. International delicatessens from all over the world complete the offer. The purchase of fish usually ends with a drink in the “Bar Peix”. Furthermore, in another hall area there is a large selection of fruit and vegetables, mainly regional and seasonal.

Poultry, meat and sausages are also sold here by the traders, many of whom have had their stall in the Mercat de l`Olivar for several generations. Of course, you can also buy herbs and spices and there is a wide range of wines and liqueurs. At every corner of the vegetable and meat hall there is a bar where shoppers like to have a drink in between their shopping or when they are finished. There is a library and a play area for the children to relax and enjoy themselves. The supermarket Mercadona is located on the upper floor, there are also cooking events to complete this excellent variety on offer.


Mercat de l`Olivar | Palma | Plaza del Olivar, 4
Monday – Thursday and Saturday: 07.00 h – 14.30 h
Friday: 07.00 h – 20.00 h

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