Egon Wellenbrink presents: Weekly Market | Santa Maria del Camí


The weekly Santa Maria Market del Cami, always takes place on Sundays. Most visitors consider it to be the most beautiful and authentic weekly markets in Mallorca. Although also visited by many tourists, the weekly market of Santa Maria is a regional market with more than 500 stalls. Many local farmers sell there their agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and freshly baked typical bakery products, such as Bunyolas and Coccas, cold cuts and cheese. Of course, you can also sample and taste at the market of Santa Maria, as this is always the way at a traditional market.

Clothing, shoes, household goods, toys, handicrafts and plants are also on sale. In another part of the market you can only buy products such as vegetables, fruit, herbs and cheese from organic farming. Various music groups provide background music for the market. After visiting the market, numerous recommendable cafés, bistros, bodegas and restaurants vie for the favour of guests from near and far. Perhaps there is also time to take part in a guided tour of the Bodega Macia Batle, which is located directly at the exit from Santa Maria. After all, we are in one of the best wine regions of the island.


Weekly market | Santa Maria del Camí | Plaça Nova
Every Sunday: 09.00 h – 14.00 h

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