Egon Wellenbrink presents: Mercado de San Juan | Palma

The Mercado de San Juan, opened in 2015 after an investment of several million euros, has long since ceased to be an insider tip. The market in the mantle of the former slaughterhouse S`Escorxador inspires with its impressive architecture (Architect at this time in 1900, was Gaspar Bennassar Moner): Modernism (Spanish Art Nouveau) pure, clinker, steel, iron and glass form a total harmonious picture & atmosphere. It is not for nothing that the hall is under monumental protection. To the right and left of the long hall, 17 stands are lined up with an unbelievable range of products to delight gourmets: fried fish, Sushi, Thai and Japanese specialities, oysters, skewers, trendy burgers in haute cuisine look, Mallorcan tapas, tortillas, pasta, pizza, wines and liqueurs from Spain, Italy and France. All dishes are attractively presented in this impressive ambience.

In the middle of the hall there are tables with benches and bar stools where you can eat and drink the selected delicacies. Of course, there is also a café – try the delicious cakes! – and a bar, a kitchen that can be rented privately or can be used for show cooking, and a restaurant where live concerts are also held. Visitors have access to a large, easily accessible underground car park.


Mercado de San Juan | Palma | Carrer de l`Emperadriu Eugenia, 6
Monday – Sunday: 12.30 h – 24.00 h
Thursday, Friday and Saturday open until 02.00 h in the morning
During the winter months there are different opening hours.

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