“Minkner & Partner S.L.” is now “Minkner & Bonitz S.L.”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of our company,

“Minkner & Partner S.L.” is now called “Minkner & Bonitz S.L.” and with the change of name, the logo of the company, which you have been familiar with for 30 years of activity in Mallorca, has also changed, namely as follows

Otherwise, much (not everything, more on that later) remains the same: It is the same company, with the same number in the commercial register, the same tax number, the same shareholders, the same managing directors (Edith and Lutz Minkner, Marvin Bonitz) and the same corporate philosophy. As before, the areas of responsibility of the managing partners are divided as follows:

Lutz Minkner – Structures and Finances

Marvin Bonitz – Sales and Development

Edith Minkner – Social Responsibility

Most of you know Marvin Bonitz, because he has been closely associated with the company and the entrepreneurs for 12 years, as it must be with an owner-managed family business. After graduating from Spanish school in Marbella, he completed trainee stations in various companies in the real estate industry. His career at Minkner & Partner took him through the stages of sales agent, sales manager (branch manager), head of sales (sales director for the entire company) and managing director. At the same time, he took advantage of a wide range of training opportunities and all the areas that characterise a successful entrepreneur. All this culminated in a trusting and successful partnership with Edith and Lutz Minkner in 2021. And this partnership is now also expressed in the change of the company name.

Edith and Lutz Minkner will continue to offer professional real estate brokerage and development at the highest level under the company name “Minkner & Bonitz”, and we will stand for this with our name.

Edith and Lutz Minkner and Marvin Bonitz

We announced earlier that much, not everything, would remain the same. We do not want to rest on our laurels. Marvin Bonitz represents the 2nd generation of the company and has a bundle of innovations on his table that he will implement in the future. We will inform you about this regularly in our newsletter.

First, our marketing department (the creative team) is working on a comprehensive relaunch of our external appearance, which will be completed by Whitsun.

Therefore, we already invite you to our traditional Whitsun party, where we will also celebrate the 30th birthday of our company in Mallorca.