Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza in Palma

The Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza is housed in a cube-shaped modern building located in Palma’s old quarter of Calatrava, east of the cathedral. The theatre was inaugurated in 2006. The main aim of the installation in this square in Calatrava was to culturally revitalise this previously urban neglected neighbourhood. Jews had lived here until the end of the 13th century when they were persecuted. After that, leather tanneries were located there. At the beginning of the 21st century, Calatrava came into the focus of international real estate investors because the neighbourhood of the cathedral and the proximity to the sea made the location attractive. Hence a theatre, and not only that: the municipal music conservatory was also integrated into this building complex, thus creating a cultural centre. The name of the theatre comes from the highly popular Mallorcan comedian and humourist Xesc Forteza.

The programme of the Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza is highly varied: concerts from classical to jazz, theatre performances, dance shows and events of the music conservatory. The international festival Música Mallorca also regularly holds some of its concerts here. The Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza has enjoyed a successful development and has not only become the cultural centre of the Calatrava district, but also attracts other islanders and also an international audience with its varied programme.

Carrer dels Blanquers, 5 | 07001 Palma | +34 971 71 09 86