Jardines de Alfabia – the Gardens of Alfabia near Bunyola

Jardines de Alfabia – die Gärten von Alfabia bei Bunyola

When driving from Palma to Sóller, the Alfabia Gardens are on the right just before the Sóller tunnel. The gardens have an 800-year history. They were created by a wealthy Moor who made a pact with the Christian, Spanish conquerors in 1229 and was therefore not dispossessed. Access to the impressive estate, which still belongs to an old, influential noble Mallorcan family, is via an impressive avenue lined with ancient, huge plane trees, which leads to a forecourt via an imposing flight of steps. The gateway area is guarded on the right and left by two remarkable terracotta lions from the 15th or 16th century. The garden is a Mediterranean oasis with more than 40 different species of trees and shrubs, including many palms that provide ample shade. Impressive are agapanthus perennials, hibiscus and strelitzias, bamboo fields and gnarled olive trees. The plants are fed by a sophisticated irrigation system that also feeds numerous water features. A small lake and a water lily pond invite you to linger and relax.

The impressive manor house dates back to the 12th century. Here you can visit a museum that houses a valuable library and historical furniture, paintings, mirrors and other furnishings. The outbuildings are also worth a visit, such as an old oil mill, which offers an impression of the laborious oil production that relied on pack animals and human muscle power.  Near the old stone well, you can have refreshments on a terrace and eat homemade cake. There is also a small animal breeding station on the grounds of the estate. Here the island’s typical “black pigs” are bred. In the winter months there are slaughter festivals (matanzas), where the pigs are used to produce, among other things, the popular Sobrasada de Mallorca. There are also goats, ducks, peacocks and other poultry. The Alfabia Gardens are open daily from April 1 to October 31, from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. Admission 7,50 €, children up to 10 years free. Residents 5 €.

Jardines de Alfabia | Carretera Palma-Sóller km 17 | 07110 Bunyola | Tel. 034 971 613 123