Fonts Ufanes – the natural spectacle at Campanet

The Fonts Ufanes in the municipality of Campanet attract many onlookers every year. On the Finca Gabelli Petit, you can experience a unique natural spectacle on a few days a year: A few hours after heavy rainfall, water suddenly gushes out of the ground of the small holm oak forest everywhere, forming streams and ponds and finally a torrent 4 m wide and up to 1 m deep, which flows down the valley. The phenomenon – considered mystical by many – has a simple explanation: a large vein of water runs under the terrain, fed by rainfall in the nearby mountains, and it is precisely in the little wood near Campanet that it forces its way upwards and gushes out from between the stony ground. Up to 100 cubic metres of water per second (!) spring from the water vein.

Since 2001, the 50-ha area of Fonts Ufanes has been a nature reserve (it was the first natural monument in the Balearics!) with a small visitor centre. It is freely accessible. There are pathways running through the area, and from the small hermitage of Sant Miquel (where it is best to park) you can walk to the bubbling springs in the forest. The Balearic Ministry of the Environment regulates access to Finca Gabelli Petit. This excursion can only be planned spontaneously – always depending on the intensity of the rainfall. However, you can plan to bring waterproof shoes or boots.

Fonts Ufanes | Finca Gabelli Petit | 07310 Campanet | Tel. +34 51 70 10