Katmandu Park, Magaluf – a unique adventure trip

One of Mallorca’s most popular leisure attractions is Katmandu Park in Magaluf. In the 1,600 sqm upside-down building, eight themed areas introduce visitors to the world of Tibetan legends and myths. With state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, the organisers conjure up a scenario of fantastic fairytales and take you on an adventure journey into an unknown fantasy world. The “story” of Katmandu: “When Kilgore Goode steals the mighty Red Jewel Desirata from the icy caves in the Himalayas, myth and reality collide. Boro, the great yeti and protector of the jewel, takes up Kilgore’s pursuit and races at breakneck speed down the mountains to Kilgore’s house. Suddenly, the power of the jewel explodes, sending Kilgore, Boro, the house and the magical jewel into the fantasy world of Katmandu Park, where dreams and games are limitless.”

Visitors’ physical well-being will also be catered for: the American-style Timbuktu Bar & Grill will be serving burgers, buffalo wings and barbecue specialities, as well as cool drinks. And Giovanni L offers delicious ice cream specialities. There is also the Bazaar gift shop, where you can buy a wide range of souvenirs of an unforgettable holiday. Guided tours of Katmandu Park are offered in several languages. Free parking is available near the Katmandu Park.

Katmandu Park | Avenida Pedro Vaquer  Ramis, 9 | Magaluf | Tel. +34 971 13 46 60 |  www.katmandupark.com