Heinz Hoenig visits the Bodega Castell Miquel | Inca

In 1891, the Phylloxera plague reached Mallorca, destroying 97% of the island’s vineyards in a short space of time. This was also the case for the wine growing around the Castellet near Inca. Where once there were vines, there were now arable land and almond plantations. Until in the 90s of the last century the German entrepreneur Prof. Michael Popp discovered the estate and realized his dream to build up a winery there again. In 2002 the first step was taken with the opening of Castell Miquel. Popp’s philosophy is to create with Castell Miquel a place of appreciation and care for the treasures of nature. The grapevine and its needs are central to Castell Miquel.

The Castell Miquel winery has several production areas on Mallorca, whose grapes have different characteristics due to their geographical location. In addition to the specific aromas of each grape variety, there are numerous subtle nuances that give the wines complexity and fullness. The Mediterranean climate produces full-bodied wines with ripe tannins. The cool sea breeze here leads to a pleasant balance of seasonal high temperatures. Heat-storing dry-stone walls, in turn, contribute to warming the vines on cooler evenings, which has a positive effect on the ripening of the grapes. The bodega is looking forward to your visit.

Bodega Castell Miquel | Carretera Inca-Sineu, Km. 4,1 | T +34 971 510 698


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