Heinz Hoenig visits the Bodegas Anima Negra | Felanitx

The Anima Negra brand from the bodega of the same name has written a success story from Felanitx. More than 50% of the annual production finds lovers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, the USA and Mexico. Other countries and continents are planned as sales markets. No wonder that the bodega has to buy the harvest of another 120 hectares of vineyards in addition to its own 33 hectares of cultivated land in Felanitx and the surrounding area. The purchases are made from small winegrowers with a maximum of 3 hectares of land, who have to grow and develop the wine according to Anima Negra’s strict quality specifications. Anima Negra uses almost exclusively autochthonous vines in order to give the wines a typical Mallorcan character in combination with the soil and climatic conditions of the island. In the case of AN2, 80% of the grapes are already native to Mallorca. In the premium product, the AN, the proportion of the native Callet grape is already 100%. The vines are 40 to 60 years old.

For the fermentation process, Bodega Anima Negra does not rely on ultra-modern steel tanks, but on masonry fermentation tanks. These are more environmentally friendly because less energy is needed to control the temperature. In the masonry tanks, a round, balanced overall bouquet is created. The wine from masonry tanks is also said to have a longer lifespan than that from steel tanks. Anima Negra produces not only the well-known reds AN and AN/2, but meanwhile also the popular white wine Quibia. All three wines of the Bodega Anima Negra with the native grape varieties Callet, Manto-Negro and Fogoneu are expressive embodiments of the fascinating, vino-logical identity of Mallorca.

Bodegas Ànima Negra | Felanitx | Lugar Volta, 3, 18 | T +34 971 584 481

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