Heinz Hoenig visits the Bodegas 4 Kilos | Felanitx

First of all, the somewhat unusual name of the Bodega 4 KILOS. In 2006, four young winegrowers got together to build up a winery. Each brought in 1 million pesetas (approx. € 12,000), colloquially 1 kilo each, as start capital, i.e. a starting capital of 4 kilos. And there is another special feature in this bodega: the different grape varieties are given the names of pieces of music (the Callet is called “Little Night Music”) or groups of musicians (the Cabernet Sauvignon is called “Dire Straits”). As you can see, this is an extremely trendy winery. The first red wines were made in a garage back then. The wines of 4 Kilos were initially popular with a young audience and quickly found their way into in-locations on Mallorca and the mainland and enjoy great popularity everywhere. This is why 4 Kilos now has to buy in almost 50% of its grapes, a responsible task to maintain and improve quality.

The vineyards of the bodega are scattered in different parts of the north and south of Mallorca. Therefore, there is no specific DO affiliation. The concept of 4 Kilos is based on the combination of vine-soil-climate-growth. 4 Kilos predominantly uses the grape varieties Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrell and Syrah. Two cuvées are produced each year, which differ significantly due to the nature of the soils. The red “4 Kilos” grows on clayey soils. The other red “12 Volts” is grown on fields with red, ferruginous limestone soil. Incidentally, 4 Kilos winemaker Francesc Grimalt was once a partner and technician at the successful bodega Anima Negra, where he made a name for himself in the Balearic wine scene by saving the native Callet grape.

Bodegas 4 Kilos | Felanitx | 1a. Volta, 168 | Puigverd | T +34 971 580 583

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