Marvin Bonitz: Breathtaking – Mallorca from a bird’s eye view

Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view has always been a dream of man. Modern technology makes it possible today. On Mallorca, too, you have many opportunities to admire the island from above: The mighty, bizarre Tramuntana mountains, the adventurous roads laid out in the mountains, vineyards on the slopes of the mountain foothills, plantations with olive, carob and almond trees, lush green golf courses, the coasts with tourist settlements, but also secluded bays and small fishing ports, lonely fincas with windmills and quiet villages, then the magnificent metropolis of Palma with its impressive cathedral by the sea and the historic old town, but also high-rise housing estates on the Vía Cintura motorway, the sunrise and its disappearance. A new world and perspective open up when you climb up into the bird’s eye view.

There are many ways to do this on Mallorca: Sightseeing flights by helicopter or a sports plane are particularly popular. Ballooning offers more atmosphere (in the truest sense of the word) and adventure. And finally, the sporty variant of flying – paragliding. And for those who want to have the feeling of flying but keep the connection with the ground, parasailing might be a good way to experience Mallorca from above. I present some of the ways to experience Mallorca from above and wish you an exciting flight.