Reserva Africana – Safari Feeling with giraffes, zebras and monkeys

The Reserva Africana in Sa Coma near Cala Millor offers a special kind of safari feeling – a mixture of safari and leisure park. On the 40-hectare site you can observe about 600 animals of 30 different species in the wild: Giraffes, zebras, monkeys, rhinos and hippos, antelopes and wildebeests. For this purpose, a savannah landscape with dusty paths and open grass fields has been recreated, through which a 4.5 km long circular trail leads, which you can drive on in your own car or with safari buses (no getting off!). Or you can use the miniature railway painted in a zebra look. You should keep the doors and windows of your car or even the convertible top closed, unless you are in physical contact with monkeys who climb into the car with grim faces and prefer to steal shopping bags. Malicious people claim that they have been specially trained for this.

For the little ones, after the adventure with the big animals, there is also a petting zoo where rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, monkeys, pot-bellied pigs and goats can be fed, and several playgrounds. A cafeteria provides food and drinks for the physical well-being; a kiosk sells ice cream and drinks as well as souvenirs. Animal welfare organisations have criticised the conditions under which the animals are kept in the past and have called (unsuccessfully) for the zoo to be closed. They say that lions and tigers in particular have too little space in the small enclosures. The keeping of individual animals is also criticised: some species are said to be kept in single specimens only. The zoo management argues that it has a dozen animal keepers and a permanent veterinarian, so that the best possible care and attention to the animals is guaranteed.

Reserva Africana Safari Zoo | Ctra. Porto Cristo | Son Servera, km 5 | Tel.: +34 971 81 09 09 /10 |