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Why is Minkner & Partner-Mallorca Immobilien the right estate agent for you ?

Hundreds of brokers offer their service to an international clientele, but unfortunately their training and market knowledge do not always meet the internationally required minimum standards. This also explains why many young brokers disappear as quickly as they came.

There are many good reasons why Minkner & Partner are still in business 20 years down the line:

  1. Minkner & Partner is a company managed by its owners

    Unlike real estate franchise companies Minkner and Partner is led by the owners, Edith and Lutz Minkner, who keep their eye on the day to day business. Assisted by longstanding members of staff who make up the management team, each and every one of them is involved in bringing the contract to its conclusion and are on hand to assist if problems arise and therefore to find a solution.

  2. Minkner & Partner a team of experts on real estate in Mallorca

    Competence cannot be bought. It is the result of training, studies, many years of professional experience and detailed knowledge of the market. Edith Minkner is not only a real estate agent but an expert on evaluating properties. Lutz Minkner is an expert on Spanish and international real estate law, based on a 40 year career as a lawyer, author, lecturer and entrepreneur, consolidating theory and practice. Finally the company’s 40 employees, some of whom have worked for many years at Minkner & Partner, boast excellent knowledge of the market and are constantly being trained by company management.

  3. Minkner & Partner has an extensive real estate portfolio

    Due to its status and reputation, Minkner & Partner is always one of the first names that owners seek out when looking to sell their property. It therefore follows that Minkner & Partner offer an impressive portfolio of properties in the regions in which they work. This saves the prospective buyer a great deal of time, as Minkner & Partner can provide (almost) everything that is available on the market, therefore the person searching need not use numerous brokers.If xou are unable to find your desried property on our website www.minkner.com, then let our sales agents know your wishes and dreams. We have a vast 'treasure chest' of properties some of which are not avaialble on the internet website to meet the desires of the owners who require discretion.Perhaps your ideal hom e is amongst them. However we will gladly help you find your property based on your special requirements that is to say ' made to measure'

  4. Minkner & Partner offers a perfect after-sales service

    For many brokers business is over as soon as the contract is signed and the cheque received. The often laborious after-sales service is sometimes refused or given to third parties for an additional fee. Minkner & Partner offer a perfect after-sales service that is supported by the structure of employees. For every sales person there are two employees in the office - a structure that no other estatew agent on Mallorca offres. Whoever buys/sell with Minkner and Partner receives an all inclusive package.

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