Event-Calendar 2017

Gallery Santa Ponsa
“Gans schön Sonnig”

Pentecost Sunday, June 4th, 2017
15.00h – 20.00h

Exhibition from 4.6. – 31.8.2017

A frequent guest at Minkner is the artist HERMAN, one of the most prolific and successful German pop painters. Humorous, but subtle in his images, he attacks everyday scenes and mundane things. His pictures and figures “with rough edges and flaws” as well as his witty texts are a ray of sunshine.




Collective exhibition Galerie Santa Ponsa
Resolution of contours
Elena Gatti encounters Peter Thoms

Exhibition from 1.9. – 27.9.2017

Elena Gatti and Peter Thoms, two artists very different in their style of painting and subject matter, enter into a dialogue. However, what they both have in common to their works originate in the figurative, but then more and more they leave behind the pictorial structures, dissolve the contours and create new visual experiences.





Vernissage gallery Santa Ponsa
“The lightness of the stone”
Sculptures by Norbert Jäger
Thursday 28th September 2017
16.00h – 19.00h

Exhibition from 28.9. – 26.10.2017

When this artist, who hails from Bergedorf, travels to Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Japan, Korea and USA, to give workshops, hammers, chisels and angle cutters are in luggage and Carrera marble, Santanyi stone and other materials “give a sense of lightness to the stone”.




Collective exhibition Galerie Santa Ponsa
“Life is beautiful” – naive painting
Diego Arango Arango, Hanne Holze,
Stefan Popowski and Jürgen Wölke

Exhibition from 27.10. – 31.12.2017

“naive paintings” were originally works done by self-taught artists, who represented their environment in a simple, and cavalier manner. At the start of the last century, the style became known as “naive art”. The Minkner presents four contemporary representatives of this particular type of art.