Galeria de Arte Minkner 2019

“Internationally renowned contemorary artists“
Exhibition in Santa Ponsa

Joseph Beuys, Jörg Immendorff, A.R. Penck, Elvira Bach,
Ulla Walter, Mike Steiner, Tapies und Herbert Hundrich 

Exhibition from 01.01. – 28.02.2019 – without Vernissage

Once a year the Minkner Art Gallery holds its annual exhibition of renowned contemporary artists showing originals and autographed “works of art”. In doing so, The Minkner Art Gallery gives the opportunity to young collectors to purchase the works of art painted by contemporaries and which are recognized by other contemporaries as significant pieces of art work. This time, the contemporary works of art on display are by the present as well as now deceased contemporary artists of the past 50 years.


 „ Mallorca`s Vibrations“
 The latest works from Vivian Borsani 

Exhibition from 01.03. – 17.04.2019
Vernissage: 01.03.2019, 17.00h -20.00h in Santa Ponsa
Artist will be present 

Vivian Borsani was born in Brazil, where she spent the first six years of her life, before the family moved to Hamburg. She pursued her artistic education in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieire des Arts Decoratifs and at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice and also at New York’s School of Visual Arts with Yannis Kounellis in Urbina (Italy). For the past 20 years Vivian has been living and painting in Mallorca.



Wilhelm Fikisz latest works

Exhibition from 18.04 – 08.06.2019
Vernissage: 18.04.2019, 17.00h -20.00h in Santa Ponsa
Artist will be present

Wilhelm Fikisz is constantly searching for different ideas; his method of painting is to make bold and confident strokes, which impress again and again and are very fascinating. The Southern lights as well as neon advertising from New York, captivate the artists mood in equal measures and can be seen in his latest collages. He lures these moods of living light into his works. His bold colours and daring perspectives reflect his dynamic passion for painting. His works invite you to immerse yourself in the world of “joie de vivre.” His paintings gently reach for the soul and wake up personal memories.


Mallorca Magazin Spring-Cup 2019
powered by Minkner & Partner
25. Mai 2019 Golf Alcanada

Mallorca Magazine, Mallorca’s main weekly newspaper in German, will once again be hosting the popular “MM Spring Cup powered by Minkner & Partner which will be held ” on the 25th May 2019”. The Venue is once again at the unique golf course in Alcanada. This is what awaits the participants and guests: Snacks, buffet with an award ceremony, Live music, tombola, cost: €135, registrations: or +34 971 549 560. The hosts Mallorca Magazine and Minkner & Partner are looking forward to an exciting and entertaining Day with You.




„Let’s get together- Minkner meets friends“
The tradional Whitsun celebrations in Santa Ponsa
09.06.2019, 15.00h – 20.00h 

For the past 20 years, Minkner & Partner has been organizing its “Whitsun celebrations” with live music, dancing, fresh drinks and tapas on the large terrace in front of their head offices in Santa Ponsa. The management: Edith Minkner, Lutz Minkner, Marvin Bonitz and the Minkner -Team would like to thank their clients and friends for their continued support. This also gives a good opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences. For some years now at Minkner & Partners Whitsun celebrations, a Vernissage is held with new works by the German pop artist HERMAN.




“Somewhere a light shines on Mallorca”
The latest works from the Pop Artist HERMAN

Exposition Dates from 09.06. – 01.08.2019
Vernissage: 09.06.2019, 15.00 – 20.00h
Artist will be present

HERMAN is one of the most prominent and successful German pop painters. He humourously, takes on day to day scenes in this painting. His paintings and figures ” Mit Ecken & Kanten” (with Corners & Edges) as well as his witty text, bring sunshine into the world. HERMAN has had over 200 exhibitions at home and abroad, has had 120 editions published and found a large collector’s community through the catalogues of ARS MUNDI and ARTES. His works connect generations and always conjure up a smile and laughter in the face of the beholder.


“Intelligent Succession Planning”
Lecture and discussion on German-Spanish Hereditary and Tax Law 

Lawyer; Dr. Sabine Hellwege
01.10.2019, 18.00h – 20.00h in Santa Ponsa 

Germans with real estate property in Spain, property ownership in German-Spanish marriages, inheritances in non-marital partnerships and similar constellations are often the subject of legal disputes, because the “Testator,” (deceased) has failed to meet, during his lifetime, “intelligent inheritance arrangements”. Lawyer, Sabine Hellwege, (licenced in Germany & Spain) is an expert for this topic and has also earned her Doctorate. She will present current issues and new legislation in her presentation and is available for questions from the audience.



Art = Man = Creativity = Freedom “(J. Beuys)
Latest works from Markus Tollmann

Exhibition from 11.10.2019-31.12.2019
Vernissage: 11.10.2019, 17.00h -20.00h
Artist will be present

“Expressive, Colourful, and Sensual” The exhibition of Marcus Tollmann who is going to be exhibiting his works as from 11.10. – 31.12.2019 at the Galeria de Arte Minkner in Santa Ponsa. His talent he probably inherited from his Farther the Art Professor Günter Tollmann, and then being surrounded by the artist Niki de Saint-Phalle, whose master Pupil he later became. At the age of 15, he took painting lessons with Joseph Beuys according to his Formula “Art = Man = Creativity = Freedom.” An intensive Collaboration later emerged with Francis Bacon’s Studio in London. Much acclaimed Exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Spain, USA and Russia followed, so that the Artist now has a large international Collector’s community.