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Minkner & Partner's company philosophy - Mallorca real estate

from left to right: Joerg Stepputat, Matthias Neumann, Marvin Bonitz und Karin Ebermann

Minkner & Partner – Mallorca real estate is a Spanish company with German owners. However for these two entrepreneurs Spain and Mallorca is not a host country, for Edith and Lutz Minkner it is their home. They have been received with great hospitality, and quickly made Spanish and international friends. As business entrepreneurs, they are recognised and respected by their Spanish partners. The international and bilateral context makes it important to pay particular attention to the formation and further development of the company’s philosophy and culture.

Based on this Edith and Lutz Minkner as owner and hands on managers of the company have developed their business philiosophy.
The main principles are

These values are the basis of responsible action. At the same time, they are an orientation and guideline for the employees, based on which they identify with the company and its goals. This is a team you can build upon. If you want to buy or rent real estate in Mallorca, Minkner & Partner is the right agent for you.