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The Minkner & Partner team - Mallorca properties

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Aristotle 384 BC - 322 BC

You may not believe it, but this more than 2,000 year old quote from Aristoteles the Greek philosopher, is fundamental in the business structure and philosophy of the real estate company Minkner & Partner. But so it is. Minkner & Partner have a very strong and unique staff, each of who carry out their work with passion and knowledge. All are multilingual with strong communication skills as well as being creative and innovative. Naturally this is a good basis for success but it is not everything. In each team initially people need to settle in and make their mark and thus possible synergies remains untapped. As different as is their area of work and talent, so is each team member: the best result comes about only when each team member is willing and able to work across departments and think for themselves. Not only do our team members work across departments in each individual office, but the branch offices also interact with one another and with the head office. Thus the performance of individual team members not only add up but "the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts".

Here are our core team members. Most of the staff has been working in the company for many years. We are proud of our employees and are pleased that our employees are proud to be involved in the success of Minkner & Partner.

If you are looking to buy or rent real estate on Mallorca then you are in the best hands if you choose Minkner & Partner as your real estate agent