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The Real Estate Guide Spain - all about laws and taxes

There are few books in German concerning Spanish real estate law.What is on the market is essentially obsolete. Others are too theoretical and lack any practical experience. Some authors highlight the problems just ot seize the opportunity to direct the client to their own Lawyer-Hotline,and are therefore only acquisition resources.

The most comprehensive account of the Spanish real estate law in German is that of

Lutz Minkner
The Real Estate Guide Spain - all about laws and taxes
3rd revised edition 2011
A supplement with the legislative changes up until 01..01.2015 is attached
A new and revised edition ( edition 4) will be available in 2017.

ISBN: 978-3-86805-832-1
446 pages Hardback ca. 14,8 x 21cm 691g, Preis: 59,95 €

Authors portrait

According to the results of an empirical study, 71% of Germans dream of owning a holiday home in Spain. At least 300,000 of them have already made their dream come true. However this dream can become a nightmare when the prospective buyer has to make themselves familiar with basic gudielines of the major legal and tax issues of Spanish real estate

How do I find the right consultant? What are the differences between the German and Spanish real estate law? How does the Spanish Property Registry work? What costs and taxes are incurred when buying a property and ownership? What smart succession regulations and tax optimization is there ? Furthermore, special topics such as investment advice, buying from the developer, the community of owners, Spanish leasing, timesharing, and the Spanish court with an explanation of the law, current jurisprudence, the European Commission against Spain pending cases with many examples and sample contracts presented in a comprehensible way.

The author addresses this complex and highly specialised topic to a wide audience, being it those who want to buy property in Spain, those who already have property, or those wishing to sell. The basis of the book in question are the thousands of questions that the author deals with on an day to day basis in his business. Those lawyers and tax advisors in German speaking areas who are not yet familiar with the topic, also consult this book which provides support and important information for those new to this speciality. The 3rd Edition - updated and expanded - takes into account law and jurisprudence as of 01.01.2015 and makes the "Real Estate Guide Spain - All about Law and Taxes" the most important standard work on this subject in German.

Lutz Minkner - The guide to Real Estate Spain is available in book stores or on-line: