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  • Edith Minkner, Managing Director
    Minkner & Partner welcomes you to Mallorca. For 23 years now I have lived and worked on this beautiful island, and wouldn’t change it for a thing. A lot of international friends have found their holiday home or a permanent residence on Mallorca with either my or my employees’ assistance. Maybe you can see yourselves here in the future?
  • Lutz Minkner, Lawyer and CEO
    Foreign investors shouldn’t have to make compromises when choosing advisors and should only contact qualified experts. The multilingual team of experts here at Minkner & Partner know the international and Spanish real estate market and tax laws relating to it, and we also have a network of professionals in all aspects of real estate. In this way, there is always a solid foundation when purchasing.
  • Marvin Bonitz, Sales Director
    My sales agents in our three offices in Santa Ponsa, Pto. Andratx and Llucmajor speak at least three languages (German, English, and Spanish) and have years of experience and an in depth knowledge of properties in their region. They receive constant training and can answer almost any questions relating to the acquisition of real estate in Spain. We would be delighted to help you find your dream home.
  • Karin Ebermann, Portfolio Manager
    Minkner & Partner has a wide choice of properties in all price ranges: Apartments with sea views, luxurious penthouses with fantastic views, charming village house, fincas requiring refurbishment, country estates, and beautiful villas along the coast or near to the golf courses and the most fantastic luxurious villas in the southwest, south and the southeast of the island. Take a look at our website www.minkner.com for the latest up to date offers website.
Palma’s port: Preparations are being made for a new gastro market with an investment of €10 million. The ‘Mercado San Juan’ which occupies the old abattoir in the centre of Palma, is a gastronomic attraction and a commercial success. Its success of course calls for ‘copycats’. In Palma’s old fishing port they have published plans for the creation of a similar project known as ‘ Mercat d’es Port’.

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legal questions

everything you need to know about Mallorca real estate

Tax questions concerning real estateIn real estate transactions in Spain it was in the past, more the rule than the exception to the rule that a certain amount of the purchase price was not declared in the Escritura (deeds) and at the notary ‘black’ money was discreetly passed in an envelope. This was beneficial to both parties as they paid less taxes and costs. For the buyer however, the advantage was only when purchasing; if he wanted to sell at a later date and could not find a buyer who also was interested in “black money" and wanted to declare the total purchase price in the deeds, he then had to pay profit tax on profits he had not made. In addition there was often a rude awakening, if the Spanish tax office determined a different market value within the limitation period of four years and correspondingly demanded higher taxes plus surcharges. Those who went too far with the ‘black valuation’ also had to worry about regulatory and criminal penalties. Lutz Minkner speaks about this in his BLOG "Black money - a discontinued model" and explains why this format was never really beneficial, due to the regulatory and penal consequences that it can have, and what to look for when determining the final notarized sales price. Finally: There are a variety of legal design possibilities to reduce the tax burden. Ask your lawyer or accountant

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questions about tax

everything you need to know about Mallorca real estate

Tax questions concerning real estate in MallorcaWhen selling or participating in property transactions, not only is as profit tax as part of the income tax to be paid to the Spanish Treasury, but the local authorities also want their share and as such impose a capital gains tax called Plusvalia. The basis for calculation is the cadastral value of land at the time of transfer, not the buildings. The tax is payable each time a change of owner or usage of a property takes place on any increase in value that has occurred since the last transaction, up to a period of 20 years. The tax rate is a maximum of 30% and is based on a set of municipal regulation coefficients depending on the period of ownership. For sales, the seller is the taxpayer, for inheritance the heirs and for properties donated it is the donor. During the years of the Spanish economic crisis there were often tax disputes as the fixed capital gains tax applied by the local authorities did not take into account, when determining the value of the property. that often the price had plummeted. This led to special hardship, especially for example, when the current selling price was lower than the original purchase price. The recent Spanish case law tends to negate the application of a capital gains tax when in fact no appreciation has occurred. Lutz Minkner CEO Minkner & Partner takes up this topic in a new BLOG

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new projects and market analysis

BREXIT is a reality; exit of the United Kingdom as a member of the European Union will happen. Even though the (preliminary) final farewell of Britons from Europe will take a good two years because of the EU statutes, it is time to venture a prediction. The ties between the UK and Spain, and especially Mallorca are very tight: Almost 300,000 Britons are to be reported to be residents in Spain, 17,000 of them in Mallorca. They will have less money available each month due to the fall of the pound. If they work in Spain - they will need a work permit in the future and they will get them as non EU members? What will happen to medical care if Britain is no longer an EU member? If the Brits own a property in Spain, will the mortgage and overheads of the property increase due to the fall in the pound? Can a British Resident survive that? And how will British buyers behave in future? They make up 22,24% of the foreign population that purchase property . And - what are the consequences of BREXIT for tourism between United Kingdom and Spain. If the British pound has fallen by by 10% - 20% will travelling to Spain and the euro zone become more expensive for the British? Marvin Bonitz, Executive Vice President of Minkner & Partner, focuses in his BLOG "BREXIT" - and the consequences "on this exciting topic ...

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Our main catalogue for Mallorcan properties - Homepages 2015

Homepages 2016

The new main catalogue of Minkner & Partner "Homepages 2016" is now available. It presents the most beautiful properties in Minkner & Partner's portfolio on Mallorca and details of the most important facts. The new catalogue can be obtained in the Minkner & Partner branches in Santa Ponsa, Pto. Andratx and Llucmajor. With just one click you can browse through our online catalogue "Homepages 2016".

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Overview of all Mallorca golf courses

Mallorca's golf courses

For many years Mallorca has been one of the most attractive golf destinations in Europe. 23 different golf courses with varying degrees of difficulty,set in a mediterranean landscape and with ideal infrastructure, invite golfers to play here the whole year through. Please find to follow the names and telephone numbers of Mallorca's golf courses.

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real estate videos

Minkner & Partner are pioneers in using new types of media. One of these is the Minkner TV. This is where friends and interested parties can view on video some of the best Mallorca properties on the island.

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